About Us

Pine Jewelry Co

Oh hey! I'm Lera - mountain biker, snowboarder, and very soon-to-be dirt biker. I'm so so excited for spring 2021 for that very reason ;)

I have have an active boho/minimalist/surf-style that is 1) super hard to peg and find accessories for and 2) doesn't leave me much room to swap out accessories regularly.

I'm drawn to simple pieces with a an earthy elegance - if you find an eloquent way to peg my style in less than three words, THANK YOU in advance. I've been dancing around in circles trying to describe "you know, fancy minimalist boho surf style that's raw but clean" haha.

Pine Jewelry started really simply - I wanted something simple I could wear that wouldn’t get in the way of a glove or gear. We were biking in Oregon in 2019 and I kept seeing things that were close to what I was looking for but didn’t quite hit the mark or feel like “me". So I made a few simple pieces on the drive home (with cheap craft-store wire, haha) and after a few requests from others, I started buying real tools and metals and selling them online. I’ve branched out to making pieces that I don’t consider every-day-wear too, so there’s something for everyone (hello brides and my stylist friends). I fell in love with marrying the bohemian/earthy/natural style with minimalism. 

I promise you every order makes me soo happy that I get to create and share it with you, you are AWESOME for supporting small.
A few other tidbits: 
1) My first piece was a hoop shaped around a soda can, haha! Oh how we've moved on.
2) Choosing a name is really difficult. Carson, my husband, and I were shooting the breeze throwing out names and I said "it could be anything..[points at pine tree]..like pine jewelry......oh that's not bad actually. It could be Pine Jewelry Company". And here we are. 
3) I love ice cream, not only is it my favorite dessert but it's safe to say it's my favorite meal..
4) We love to mountain bike, snowboard, off-road, and play outside in our free time. We never grew up ;)