What are Herkimer Diamonds?

What are Herkimer Diamonds?

Are Herkimer Diamonds Expensive?

In a nutshell: Herkimer Diamonds are Double Terminated Crystal Quartz Stones. What does that mean? Here's the quick and dirty version that really just answers your question of "why are these more expensive than crystals but less than diamonds?" - if you're anything like me at least. Shoot me an email if you have a different question ;)

Let's walk through this!


Herkimer County, NY is where the "Diamonds" were discovered and made popular by.

Double Terminated?

Essentially each stone has two points. This means facets surround the top point, facets around the center of the stone, and facets again around the second point. These cool faceted stones mean more surfaces that catch the light and the stone doesn't have an "end" really, like most crystals do. 


Why are they called "Diamonds"?

These special crystal quartz stones have been nicknamed "diamonds" due to their crazy good clarity (compared to other raw stones), so they end up being a fun and precious addition to your collection. Sometimes you can catch a little rainbow in the facet too, it's so beautiful!


In summary:

Here's what I said:  Herkimer Diamonds are Double Terminated Crystal Quartz Stones.

Here's what I meant: These double-pointed crystal quartz stones originally found in Herkimer County are put up on a pedestal for their clarity and facet count and therefore are nicknamed "Diamonds".

See some examples below~

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Big Sur Herkimer Diamond


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