Jewelry to Treat Yourself in Style - Indy100 Feature

"Jewelry frequently signifies an important moment in one’s life: engagement, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are all popular times to give and receive meaningful wearables, but what about those times in between?" asks Kelsey Chapman, full time shopping writer at The Independent.

Fair question - you know I've always had this in mind for Pine but now Kelsey and all her readers do too ;). I'm excited to have been included in her roundup of "incredible independent jewelry designs" and want to share the other nine she put on the wishlist! Click here to read her full article.

Kelsey quotes our submission in-part, but here's the full snippet on our Pacifica Raw Diamond Ring and why it's the piece I submitted to her.

Handcrafted Bohemian Style Jewelry

Pine Jewelry Co is a handcrafted boutique jewelry shop featuring minimalist & bohemian style jewelry that we’re obsessed with sharing. We carefully handcraft your order in our little studio to ensure quality and a keepsake that’s just as unique as you.


The Pacifica Raw Diamond bands are so bridal but also fly as minimal because of the dainty size and elegance. The small diamond pieces beautifully compliment each other to make the perfect minimalist ring while maintaining a bohemian edge. The raw stones are beautifully hand-wrapped with care onto  each band to make the perfect accessory, be it bridal or a daily-pick. Somehow it's minimalist, romantic and bohemian all in one - I'm proud of this one!

Love it too? Shop our Pacifica here.